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Burning Man Egg Hunt 2005

I arived on Monday at 2am, got some sleep and set up my camp first thing Monday morning when I woke up.
I was finishing up my setup about noon when the wind started to blow.
The detached awning worked great (last year I used the one that slides in the track on the roof)
I added a couple of small solar pannels to the system on the roof racks of the Trooper
and had enough juice to run the fridge, lights and my computer.
(but the batteries were getting low near the end of the week so I checked out the power draw of the fridge and found it pulls
2 amps more than it was rated??? so I am in contact with Tundra and look forward to getting that reduced)

It surprized me that there were more Bolers that the other brands in Black Rock City.
( I counted the new T@B as an egg for my search)
Counting mine 7 out of the 21 eggs I saw there Bolers
4 Scamps
3 Casitas
2 Fiberstreams
2 T@Bs (might have been 3 but didn't end up with a photo of it)
1 Bigfoot
1 Burro
1 Trillium

I lost my notes with everyones name and think it's better not to guess... If the owners were out when I came by I tried to remember to take a pic of the license plate for fun too...

El Boler Continental
Nobody home
One from British Columbia
Tom (from Fiberglass RV)
  I think our trailers an artful expression of
our creativity - and fit in with the other
art at Burningman...
< I past Tom & the Ladybug on the way up the Seirras just after they turned off the highway and found them camping at Chez Newts couple of block from where I set up.
I was surprized to only find 4 Scamps at Black Rock City. Caught the last one on the way out......
Enjoyed meeting these Casitas owners but lost my notes with their names...
Here's one out on the playa
without the fiberglass...
  I think these are both Fiberstreams
but the owners were not home
when I was by.
This years temple


The seam on this one
makes me think Burro maybe instead?>

? and his T@B
Lost my notes so don't know his name but he was really enthusiastic
about his new T@B.

Woman and Dolphins
Ted and his T@B >

<Burro (I think)

The owner was not at home
when I was by.

Bigfoot >

The owner was not at home when
I was by.

There were most likely more eggs there but I didn't see them when I was out exploring. If you want to add a photo of your egg at Burningman or update your photo here with a name, etc. just email me and I will update theis page.

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